Students Orientation

Maktab Nasional Updates

All 83 new students entering our school at the beginning of the year enjoyed the 3-day orientation programme held on January 12 to January 14, 2015.

A simple yet memorable welcoming ceremony for them was performed during the school assembly. The Principal, Mr. Alexander Funk, felt honoured to present the name tag to each student.

As usual, during the programme, the new students were presented with in-depth information on the Academic and the CoCurriculum as well as the Regulations and Discipline of the school.

They also enjoyed the two games which the school had designed particularly for new students. During the games, they got to know the school buildings in detail and all of the teachers of Maktab Nasional.

This year, we are blessed with students who are highly talented in singing. Many were spellbound as they listened to the melodious voices of our new students during the closing ceremony at the school canteen.