Rules & Regulations

The following are applicable to all registered full time or probationary students of Maktab Nasional.

Rules and regulations for students are based on the country’s “Rukun Negara” (National Principles), Vision and Mission of St. Simon Educational Complex and the general moral values of Malaysian society. Because of these, students of Maktab Nasional must follow the following:

  1. Always respect and honour the Rukun Negara practices.
  2. Always respect and honour the Vision and Mission of the school.
  3. Always respect and cooperate with the school authority headed by the Principal with the team of teachers, staff, Student Council, Prefectorial Board, Class Leaders and other leaders whom the school authority has appointed for the smooth running of the school.
  4. Always have mutual respect for each other.
  5. Students are expected to have and maintain a high moral standard at all times.
  6. Students must safeguard the peace and tranquility at all times in and outside the classrooms.
  7. Students must safeguard the good name of the school.
  8. Students are expected to keep the school environment clean and conducive for learning.
  9. Students must safeguard the properties of the school.
  10. All students are expected to respect and follow the laws and regulations of the country as well as the rules and regulations of the school.
  11. School rules and regulations apply at all times when students are within the school compound or outside when having their school related activities.