Disciplinary Board

The disciplinary board consists of a panel of senior staff headed by the principal to decide on matters relating to Students Affair and in particular disciplinary action for serious offences. The system for students discipline is based on Merit and Demerit points.

Merit and Demerit System

The Merit/Demerit system rewards and penalizes. Consequences or eligibility is determined by the number of points earned by individual students. Below are some examples of how students can earn positive (+) or negative (–) points.

Merit Points 
Examples of Character/Behavior/AttitudePoint Earned
Commendable effort in class
Being Helpful/Courteous
Acts of honesty/self-correction
5 points
Top three positions in class
Helping facilitate a positive learning environment
3 – 7 points
Recovery of stolen items
Extreme acts of kindness
Exemplary citizenship
5 – 10 points
Community service
Running campus activities
Complimentary behavior that influences others to do well
10 – 30 points
Demerit Points 
Examples of Character/Behavior/AttitudePoints Earned
Not bringing a book or not submitting homework/assignments
Absent without valid reason, Late for class/school
Disrupting the teaching and learning in the classroom
-5 points
Challenging the class leader/prefect
Refuse to do the work or exercise assigned by a teacher
Refuse to obey the teacher
-10 to -15 points
Screaming/speaking rudely/venting anger towards others/using vulgar language
To cheat/lie to a teacher
-30 points
Fighting, stealing, gambling, smoking or consuming alcohol-50 to -150 points
*This list is just a few examples of how students can earn points.

At the beginning of each academic year all students are given 150 merit points for the year. Points will be added or deducted by the teachers for positive or negative behavior following the school Rules and Regulations guide and recorded in students’ personal file.

There are three stages in the demerit system:

Stage 1When total demerit points reach 30 points

Action taken: Student will be informed by the Discipline Teacher and verbal warning or written letter will be issued to notify parents.
Stage 2When total demerit points reach to 50 points

Action taken: Disciplinary Board will issue a Final warning letter to student and parents/guardians will be called in. If the student has committed a major offence, the case will be brought up to the Disciplinary Board meeting in order to decide the appropriate course of action. Normally, the solutions are:

(a) Suspension – internal or external
(b) Counseling
Stage 3When total demerit points reach between 75 – 150 points

Action taken: Parents to be called in for consultation. Immediate Disciplinary Board meeting will be held. Student can be given indefinite external suspension for no less than 14 school days. Student is NOT allowed in school until he/she writes an official appeal letter to school. The Disciplinary Board will then decide whether or not to accept the student back to school. If the student is to be given another chance then the student and parents/guardians will be invited to meet the Disciplinary Board to appeal.
Note:In cases where student commits serious offences resulting in demerit points of 150 or more, immediate expulsion is meted out. Parents/guardians will be informed immediately and the student has to leave the school.