Building For Excellence

Maktab Nasional is a school that believes in nurturing students not only academically, physically and spiritually but also in singing, acting and stage performance. Hence, since “The King and I” (1985) we have produced stage performances that included “The Variety Show Concert” (1987), “The Wizard of Oz” (1992), “What A Friend Is” (1998), “My Fair Lady” (2002), “Beauty and the Beast” (2005) and “Summer Camp High” (2010) and “Crazy Dreams” (2013). In 2016 we gathered our young talents again to train and perform “Meant to Be” that sold out tickets for two nights. Our shows have never failed to impress, entertain and inspire the public and we will continue to maintain this as part of our school culture and tradition for years to come. Come join us in our next big performance!