Standard Sports and Field Events

Maktab Nasional Updates

Due to the recent flood in the country, the re-opening of the 2015 school session was delayed by one week. Though Maktab Nasional was one of the lucky schools which escaped the disaster, the impact hit us as well, for our Standard Sports training period had to be shortened to two weeks.

At times the training became quite challenging as it was rainy season. Everyone worked diligently during the training. Teachers monitored students to make optimum performance. Students spent much times to build up their stamina. Marchers strived to synchronize their steps. Cheerleaders struggled to swing their hands and bodies in unison.

The Standard Sport went on for two days, 27th and 28th of January, and the Field Events was on 2nd and 3rd of February at the school campus.

The champions for the field events were as follows:

Boys A Category
Discuss : Jackie Chan (Red)
Shot-put : Bryan Chung (Blue)
Javelin : Aaron Tan (Blue)
Long Jump : Arnold Jess Alexander (Yellow)
High Jump : Bryan Chung (Blue)

Girls A Category
Discuss : Courtney Pang (Red )
Shot-put : Thien Yee Cheng (Red)
Javelin : Xenia Lee (Yellow)
Long Jump : Hannah Yahya(Red)
High Jump : Hannah Yahya(Red)

Boys B Category
Discuss : Joel Mogindol (Red)
Shot-put : Joel Mogindol (Red)
Javelin : Joel Mogindol (Red)
Long Jump : Ahmed Zaid Hafidz (Blue)
High Jump : Andrew Park (Merah)

Girls B Category
Discuss : Ira Elisa (Yellow)
Shot-put : Averill Joseph (Red)
Javelin : Averill Joseph (Red)
Long Jump : Coco Chan (Yellow)
High Jump : Coco Chan (Yellow)