Tut tut


This is our school play for this year 2017. The story is about two young identical looking lads who are unhappy with their lives and situations. They propose to trade places because of their “look alike”. The story is set in Ancient Egypt. We are proud to present this play to all of you as it involves all our students.

We welcome parents who would like to be involved in any big or small way. We are looking for :

1) Costume jewelry that you do not need anymore
2) Scarves
3) Make-up, preferably new sets

We have also begun selling tickets. They are priced at RM50, RM80 & RM100. The children will be performing on both days, Day 1 – 22nd September 2017 (Friday) and Day 2 – 23rd September 2017 (Saturday). It will be great if you come both days to support your children.

We are also looking for sponsorship of our souvenir program, backdrop and advertisement. If you are willing to help please inform the school office (Mdm. Monica).