Malay Language Enrichment Week 2017

The Malay Language (Bahasa Malaysia) Enrichment Week lasted for four days, which started from July, 4th until July, 7th 2017. This language enrichment program had long been conducted in this school and has received lots of participation from students. There were many activities conducted during the four days period and among them were beautiful handwriting competitions, poetry recital, matching proverbs with its meaning, essay writing, storytelling and speech competition. Participations were categorized into two separate levels- lower and upper primary level. Besides highlighting the students’ natural talent, this program may also improve the level of mastery in the Malay language among the non-Malay speaking students. It is with high hopes that this Malay Language Enrichment Week may further enhance the students’ performance in this language as well as creating a holistic role modal among children in near future.