Holistic Learning

SRS Datuk Simon Fung is a school that believes in nurturing students not only academically, physically and spiritually but also in singing, acting and stage performance. Since 1998 until 2007, we have produced eight stage performance which involved all the students and teachers. They have put their efforts in singing, dancing and learning the lines in order to present a wonderful show while learning holistically in terms of drama and language.

In 2014, we gathered again our young talents to perform our ninth play entitled “Toy Tales”. Showcasing toys, which is very synonym to children, the play depicts Battery Bob searching for his purpose and place of belonging and journeys through the playroom and garden, seeking his identity.

He meets different people, some very well intended and some aren’t telling him who, what or how he should live his life. Full of humour, thrilling moments and moral values, this play bring the whole audience into laughter and inspiration. Proceeds raised from the tickets sales are utilized to improve facilities such as teaching resources, sports equipment, and library books.

Our Play Throughout The Years

  • THE CIRCUS (1988)
  • DEWA DEWI BUNGA (1989)
  • PETER PAN (1990)
  • THE WIZARD OF OZ (1992)
  • MARY POPPINS (2002)
  • OLIVER TWIST (2004)
  • TOY TALES (2014)