Educational Aims

Our general aim is to give every child a strong foundation with opportunities to grow and to discover individual potentials.

  • To provide a child-centered, stimulating and nurturing environment for learning in the academic areas as well as in terms of learning for life. It is an environment in which self-motivation and self-discipline flourish because both endeavour and achievement are valued. We aim to make learning a rich and joyful experience through which children can discover their individual talents and develop new interests.
  • To develop children who are confident, self-assured and academically motivated, yet socially responsible, compassionate and caring. We believe in healthy competition but aim to balance this with collaborative learning styles and a strong sense of community spirit.
  • To nurture the spirit of understanding and tolerance amongst children, irrespective of cultural and religious backgrounds, so that they learn to respect others while also respecting themselves.
  • To encourage collaboration between home, school and community. Education is a shared mission. We encourage regular dialogue between parent and teachers. Active involvement with other schools and the community is encouraged.
  • A language environment which encourages the development of both bilingualism and bi-literacy in Bahasa Melayu and English as well as providing a foundation in a third language. Special emphasis is placed on language learning through literature.
  • The development of thinking and creative skills in children. Emphasis is placed on theme, project work, the development of multi-media research skills and independent learning.
  • To develop an appreciation of the creative arts. Music, art and drama are strongly emphasized for all children.