Speech Night


At the end of each year, the school will host Awards and Graduation ceremony to honour and appreciate the achievements of students who have displayed a high level of excellence in academics, sports, and other distinction as well as to bid farewell to all the Primary Six students. The highlight of this event is the presentation of The Swami-Rathinambal Foundation Award where the brightest Primary 6 student who excel in both academic and non-academic will receive an appreciation in form of money sponsored by the foundation. This event is also a symbolic closure of the school term.

Awards & Presentation Night

Certificates Presentation


The Swami-Rathinambal Foundation was set up in October 1990 as a charitable organization in memory of the parents of the founder, Dr. Mohan Swami. The father, the late Mr. M.M.K. Swami – an accountant came to Malaysia in 1936 with his wife, Madam Rathinambal. The only son of wealthy and educated class from South India, he gave up all his inheritance to start a new life in this country. At the age of 55, he passed away leaving ten children in the care of his young wife. Despite having lived in a conservative Hindu family, Madam Rathinambal managed through sheer grit and determination to see all the children through successfully. Nobility running in her blood, Madam Rathinambal ensured that all the children were well fitted into society before embarking on a missionary zeal quietly and with no publicity to help as many under privileged and poor children and orphans in her town. Being a very religious and highly spiritual person, she induced each of her children to do charitable acts on their own and to extend help to many needy persons. In 1998, at the age of 68, she left peacefully. There is a huge unfilled vacuum in the lives of her children and grandchildren even to this day. In memory of their great souls, this foundation was set up to help as many deserving persons as possible.

Swami Rathinambal