The number of students in a class does not exceed 35 to ensure personal student attention and maximized the progress of learning. Maximum enrolment of 500 allow a strong personal note in day to day working and aim to lead students to a responsible and co-operative relationship with their fellow students and teachers.

The learning support program is concerned with the needs of the student who has difficulties in studies. Grouping according to the student’s attainment level, especially in the language subjects (English and Bahasa Malaysia) is carried out so that the students can progress at the right pace. Careful monitoring of a student’s overall academic progress is carried out constantly. Intensive classes are also given for students who are very weak in core subjects.

Subjects offered in this school are:

subject offered

English: A high standard of English with extra classes including literature and a well developed reading program.
Social Studies: A theme based enrichment subject in English medium. Integrated with the English program.
Mandarin Chinese: Divided into 3 levels to meet the needs of all children.
Remedial: Special remedial program according to needs.