Our History

The preschool started in 1990 under the general leadership of Mr. Mak Goon Wah with just 1 class each in Tadika 1 & 2 with only 4 teachers. By 1991, the preschool had doubled to 4 classes with 2 each at Tadika level and the Taska was more formalized with fees and a paid staff. Procedures were also underway for registration of both sections of the pre-school.

Datin Amy – Jean Yee, who ran the Taska from 1990 – 1997 was appointed as supervisor of the kindergarten as from 1991-1997. She successfully implemented the proper and standard pre-school curriculum. She also started the Reading programme for English and Bahasa Malaysia. Towards mid-1997, she was promoted as headmistress of SRS Datuk Simon Fung.

The philosophy and goals for students (pre-school level) were introduced in 1994. The emphasis was on child-centered education within a meaningful, integrated, culturally relevant and wholistic curriculum aimed at empowering young students to gain confidence, independence, self-discipline and a sense of moral values together with a love for learning, a well preserved sense of curiosity and wonder and a strong desire to go to school.

In December 1994 we transferred to the new building now located in Kingfisher Park where we increased to 3 classes at each Tadika level, 2 at Taska level and a staff of 21.

By 1996 our new school was officially opened. By the end of that year the pre-school was handed over into the care and management of Mrs. Irene Chin one of the 2 longest serving teachers. She dedicated 21 years at the Taska & Tadika until she left to pursue her time to charity.

Today, our school is supervised by Mdm. Caroline Stephens who herself has been in service with the school for 22 years. The Taska & Tadika continues to operate under the mission and vision of St. Simon Complex.