Fee Structure K2

Kindergarten year Two (2) 2016UnitRate (RM)Amount (RM)
Registration (not refundable)-100100
Deposit (refundable after completion of 2 kindergarten years)-1,0001,000
Parent handbook1 no44
School fees (3 payment choices) :-
Payment A – 3 terms (Jan, May, Sept),
Payment B – Monthly (Jan to Oct) or
Payment C – Monthly (Jan to Dec)
3 terms
10 months
12 months
Yearly fee – RM2, 850.00 (with 5% discount, pay by end of Jan)
Activity Books
English Phonics Activity Book 2/31 no66
English Phonics Activity Book 41 no66
Buku Aktiviti Bahasa Malaysia 31 no66
Buku Aktiviti Bahasa Malaysia 41 no66
Mathematics Activity Book 2/31 no66
Mathematics Activity Book 41 no66
Chinese Activity Book 31 no66
Chinese Activity Book 41 no66
Readers (Ind. Reading Programme BM & English)40
Activity Books (selection) :-
KG Ugama Activity Book OR1 no1010
Moral Activity Book 3 & 42 nos1212
Exercise Books & File Folder
BM, English, Printing, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Moral & Religious Class1 lot3030
Stationery & art fee1 lot7070
Photocopy & paper1 lot7070
Maths & Science materials1 lot7070
Insurance fee (AIA) - inclusive of GSTper year3232
Concert fee1 lot2525
Graduation Fee1 lot2020
Sport fee1 lot1010
Safety card1 lot22
Mid morning snack – Optional10 months25250
Cap & apron (per set)Cap-rm18, Apron-rm14 32
School Uniform & Sport T-ShirtAvailable at the SRS Bookstore

(Note: Cheque payable to Tadika Datuk Simon Fung)